THERMX Sparkling Botanical Infusions

THERMX Sparkling Botanical Infusions

Project Brief

THERMX Sparkling Botanical Infusions are packed with 1,500mg of functional fat burning ingredients – that’s the equivalent to 3x 500mg capsules of thermogenic (fat burning) botanical extracts per can!

Fortified with 100% of your daily B vitamin requirements for that pick-me-up boost, THERMX is made with natural ingredients and free from artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners. THERMX Classic is just 70 calories and available in Wild Blackcurrant and Tropic Exotic. THERMX ZERO contains zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, zero fat (and zero guilt) and now available in Wild Blackcurrant and Valencia Orange.

Packaging Design

We were tasked with the mission to redesign the THERMX label to simply communicate (within 3-seconds) the many functional ingredients, flavours and free-from benefits. An exciting challenge for the team given the volume of pertinent information required to be clearly communicated within 3 seconds on limited packaging real estate. It was essential to maintain the premium look, yet tactfully colour-code the bright flavour range without the final design looking like a Scarlet Macaw. The packaging redesign encompassed the important key characteristics of the THERMX brand promise: clean, bold, strong, serious, premium and functional.

Website Design

After client approval on the new design, we went to work on a complete change of the website to achieve aesthetic congruency with the new label design. Key adjectives driving the website design and development team: simplistic, minimalistic, clean and serious. We opted for a 1-page responsive site so all information is viewable within seconds of scrolling.  

Photoshop Compositions

We could tell you what we did for the client, but why read text when we can inspire you with beautiful high-res imagery?
A picture tells a thousand words, so we thought you might prefer seeing our finished work in the images above, or in full splendour in our image gallery here.  

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