Project Brief

The client SYGENIX – Natural Performance Nutrition is an international brand of better-for-you sports nutrition made from natural ingredients.  

We were commissioned to design a series of point of sale (POS) assets for visual prominence in light boxes and window displays for retail SYGENIX stockists.

Think Different – Please Don’t Be Cheesy or Cliché…

“No cliché images of people lifting weights or someone posing in the gym – it’s been done to death and the noise levels of mediocracy are deafening. Think different. Be different. Please don’t be cheesy or cliché” requested our client.

To be fair to our client, there’s enough cheese (by-product) in whey protein without the need to add extra cheesiness by copying the masses of other brands who use ‘fitness models for hire’ in product shots.

We quickly learnt that SYGENIX like to do things differently, and can only assume it was this very mindset that allowed them to craft their decadently-tempting, high-protein milkshakes – that taste so good – you feel a little naughty. And yes, we insisted on samples to see if their gourmet protein shakes lived-up to the hype.

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