SYGENIX Packaging Design

SYGENIX Packaging Design

Project Brief

The client SYGENIX – Natural Performance Nutrition is an international brand of better-for-you sports nutrition made from natural ingredients.  

SYGENIX’s last packaging change was in 2013 – and as a general rule of thumb – packaging design should be regularly audited (every 3-5 years) to ensure the brand promise and values are clearly communicated in current format and on-trend.

Packaging Audit

We conducted a packaging audit and highlighted clear opportunities with the movement from current PET containers (tubs) to flexible bags:

Retailers can fit two bags for every one tub on a retail shelf. This allows for more stock on the shelf and lower logistic costs (per unit) delivered to stores.

Double capacity of bags inside a carton, allowing for double the stock capacity for the same warehousing space.

50% freight cost savings per unit shipped. For the same shipping container SYGENIX can ship double the current capacity. This means a 50% reduced freight cost per unit.

Lower shipping costs for bags vs. tubs due to cubic volume space-savings and greater durability in transit.

Flexible packaging bags are 100% recyclable.

a) Space: consumer focus groups expressed preference over bags due to space savings in the house, particularly women due to limited kitchen cupboard space.

b) Too Big and Bold: a point raised in consumer focus groups “the tub was not desirable due to being too large to carry and typically masculine“. As more and more women are buying sports nutrition, bags are seen as more gender-neutral and a friendlier option, in addition to the ease of carriage from the retail environment.

Packaging Design

A design rejuvenation to honour the strength and distinction of the SYGENIX brand. The new design required to communicate peak-performance in a premium overtone, whilst respecting the trademark brand identity. We embodied key characteristics in the new design: motion; defined by smooth and fluid angles, agility and speed synonymous with peak-performance, and homage to SYGENIX’s precision scientific formulations expressed in high-tech fonts at in-motion angles.

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